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Make R&D work more productive and fun!


What is Taipuva

We are driven by a desire to deliver real improvement for our customers.

Taipuva Consulting is a business-to-business service company and software reseller. We offer consultancy & training and services for the software products we represent. Taipuva is active in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Taipuva’s uniqueness is based on our combination of know-how: software tools, industry experience and practical process insight. We operate in an agile way and in tight cooperation with our customers.

We have witnessed that every company is special in having its own history, culture and ways of building products and services. Even so our broad experience and “outsider’s view” helps identify bottle-necks, find analogies and make improvements with a short pay-back time.

Where we come from?

The key founders Pasi Ahola and Petri Näppi had a lot of experience in leading R&D projects. Their interest in developing ways of working and process quality got them to help a number of industrial and software customers, on the basis of which Taipuva was born.

At the same time a new generation of ALM tools was entering the market. Those integrated requirements, testing, risk management and project management on a single platform. This was exactly what Pasi and Petri had been missing when trying to make teams work more productively together.

It was quite natural to form a partnership with Polarion Software, which had developed the world’s first 100 % web-based ALM tool, Polarion. Many companies in Finland had mature processes and received benefit from supporting those with modern Polarion ALM: Sandvik, Metso, Valtra (Agco Corp), Vacon (now Danfoss Drives), Planmeca, etc.

Now many years later Taipuva has proven its value to customers. We have expanded to Sweden and have customers in Denmark. With our partners and global customers we have made R&D work easier for thousands of experts around the world. We are as strong as our customerships and our people are. We are truly grateful to our customers, employees and partners. We hope that we can continue our success in such an exciting business environment!

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