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How Newired Journeys is relieving user pain and frustration around the globe

Website visits are like journeys. Sometime the path a customer needs to follow on a site to succeed with their objective, or the task a web app user needs to complete, is convoluted and can’t be simplified. Even worse, the site, software, or task may well be unfamiliar territory. The journey can quickly become an unpleasant experience.

If only you could be right there beside every customer and every user every step of the way – unobtrusive, but with your expert knowledge immediately to hand, guiding them to success, ensuring a pleasant journey. With Newired Journeys, that’s exactly what you can do.

How it works

Newired Journeys is an independently served contextual guidance layer. It visually overlays any web-based software application or web page, providing just-in-time guiding information for end users for every process or task, even down to individual visual elements.

Because it’s completely independent of the target app or site, there’s no risk to your existing assets, and no need to change them just to improve user experience and customer satisfaction.


Speed Adoption and On-boarding With Popular Web-based Business Applications

Newired Journeys with SAP®

Guide your users through even the most complex and least-traveled pathways in SAP systems.
Your experts can easily create Journeys for any user scenario on your SAP system, providing just-in-time guidance when and where it's needed.

Newired Journeys with Salesforce®

You understand the benefits of using a CRM like Salesforce. But the learning curve is steep, and there can be resistance to spending "non-producing" time to learn and use the tools.
Newired Journeys can help.

Newired Journeys with Oracle®

Powerful solutions like Oracle are unavoidably complex. Training costs are high, and slow time to competence further increases costs.
Newired Journeys can flatten the curve and reduce costs.

How Can UX Management Benefit Your Company?

Training & On-boarding

Flatten learning curves. Reduce time to competence. Encourage continuous learning. Reduce errors.

HR & Operations

Guide "newbies" to know-how and confidence in less time. Ensure that experienced people don't forget what they learned, and maintain their productivity.

Product Management

Ensure that your PMs understand knowledge embedded in tools. Ease users' road to competence with new features and enhancements. Deliver painless roll-outs.

Customer Care

Empower customers to help themselves, increase customer independence, guide them to resources and answers, reduce support time and costs.


Ensure customers and prospects don't get lost en route to your desired outcomes.
Great journeys mean increased conversions, and more satisfied customers.

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