DRIM is a platform where you can drag and drop all related documents into it, with AI the platform can analyse, categorise, organise and evaluate RFQ and tender requirements. It’s a strong collaboration platform for your team members to evaluate requirements and enables a better workflow for compliance with STD offerings.

DRIM enables AI-based requirements understanding and knowledge reuse. With DRIM you automate the expert analysis of standards and RFQ/tender requirements, which helps to cut time and save effort in responding to invitations to tender. It also reduces risk and eases leveraging the organisation’s gathered knowledge on compliance with requirements.

Tell us about the platform DRIM and your company DRIMCo?

– DRIMCo is there for customers who have to respond to RFQ and tenders, and who need to analyse these RFQ and tenders, all the requirements, and all the stakeholder requests contained in such RFQ and tender documents. DRIMCo has developed a software (DRIM) which helps you elicit requirements from these documents.


DRIMCo is heavily based on AI, it has more than a dozen AI services for analysing these documents. You just upload the documents in DRIM and then the AI order segments in the documents into single requirements. These requirements are also work items in Polarion, so it makes you capture the requirements from the documents right into Polarion, but keeping the link to the very origin of the requirements. This means you’ll always have full traceability and I think that’s the power of the combination of DRIM and Polarion, you have the full traceability. DRIM combines AI and knowledge, which enables you to have maximum reuse of your expert knowledge.

What would you say is the meaning of Taipuva Polarion Days and the strong ecosystem around the Polarion solution?

– I think it’s very important to have ecosystems around the use of Polarion, to create communities where you can exchange ideas, best practices and experiences. We all have a common interest and work in the Nordic regions. I think it’s very nice that Taipuva is bringing us all together. I discovered that every company is using Polarion in a slightly different way. Here we can mingle, step out of our daily life, be creative and learn from each other.

What are your key takeaways from your presentation?

– I want to open the imagination and the mind to this novel way of working because AI can do additional things to human experts. We introduce this collaboration, the AI is like an assistant to the human being. I want to make people aware of what is feasible, and I want to invite people to collaborate with us. We bring the technology, but the people are the users, they’re bringing the user case. Only if the two things come together well, can we do real innovation.

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