Professional Services for Polarion

When choosing Polarion and us, we guarantee that you are not left alone with the tool. You receive Polarion support as part of the product maintenance and our Professional Services are at your disposal, whether you need little help adhoc or you are looking for a long-term partner in improving your R&D processes.
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Training Services

Our ALM, Requirements Management and Systems Engineering trainings are great for improving the professional capabilities and knowledge of your staff, independent of what tools they are using. Taipuva’s practical experience around these topics with dozens of leading corporates in different industries provides valuable insight also for you.
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Consulting Services

Taipuva’s consulting services are tool independent but they pair very nicely with deploying the Siemens Polarion ALM solution and extending it’s usage. Out-of-the-shelf we offer Workshops on ALM Processes, Requirements Management, Test Management & Quality Assurance and on regulatory compliance in product and SW development. More tailored consulting services are available by request.
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