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Martin isn’t just a systems engineer at Taipuva; he’s also a passionate skier who’s found the perfect balance between work and leisure. When he’s not on the slopes, he’s helping clients ensure the quality of their work processes in a digitalized environment, understanding their requirements and organizational needs, and ensuring they can be traced throughout the entire process.

“The best part of my job is the variety of challenges. I work with different clients in various sectors, and although the industries differ, I often meet similar technical challenges. Using my experiences from one client to create value for another is truly rewarding.”

“Moreover, seeing the outcomes of the technology I implement is exhilarating. Quality assurance and frameworks at work are rarely the most exciting aspects of an organization, but it’s very satisfying when you see how these guidelines seamlessly integrate into everyday work and create results in the organization without many even noticing it.”

A path to change

Today, Martin has been with Taipuva for over two years, but his journey to the company has been a winding road. With a long background in mechatronics and automation, he’d worked with a wide range of products for nearly two decades. Yet, he reached a point where the need for change became increasingly apparent, which is why he took an interest in Taipuva.

“I needed change and growth in my life. The shortage of engineers and technicians in the field of mechatronics and automation left me at a crossroads: either stay put and risk overworking myself or dare to change course and find a way to apply my technical expertise in a new environment.”

Another significant aspect of Martin’s professional life revolves around taking care of his personal life. As a result, he spends several months a year in the Alps, combining remote work with skiing.

“As long as there’s an internet connection, I can communicate with all my clients. Soon I’m 50, so my body can’t handle a full week on the slopes anymore. Instead, I might head out for a weekend or a day during the week. It’s simply about pure quality of life.”

Finding balance

Martin’s love for skiing was sparked at a young age when the TV rolled into his classroom, interrupting the lesson with images of Ingemar Stenmark. Over the years, however, his career got in the way; but today, with the opportunity to combine work and skiing, his passion has been renewed.

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“I love being outdoors and seize every opportunity to enjoy nature. For me, Taipuva has not only become a work place but also an opportunity for life transformation. Here, I can continue to grow while finding a sustainable balance between work and personal life.”

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