When Gunilla McLeod, COO at Taipuva, recounts her journey to the company, she describes it as somewhat of a dare, reflecting on the process that ultimately led to her securing the position of Head of Sales at Taipuva Sweden.

The CEO had posted a rather bold message on LinkedIn questioning the absence of women in this industry. So I thought, oh, that’d be a challenge that I would quite happily accept.

Fast forward three years, she remains an integral part of Taipuva Sweden, now as COO.  

– I think so many people don’t dare to take the leap because they’re just thinking, ‘Oh, what do I know?’ But I think it’s something that everybody should experience. Change branch. Don’t get too comfortable in what you’re doing. 

Everyone’s a key player

According to Gunilla, one of the most fulfilling aspects of working at Taipuva is the opportunity to connect with people she might never have met otherwise. Yet, she acknowledges that her journey hasn’t been without its challenges, especially considering her different background compared to her colleagues.

 I come from a background of fashion, design and photography, unlike my engineer colleagues. However, at Taipuva, we value what everybody brings to the table and I feel like a key player among everybody. I’m also very fortunate to work with a crew that are at the forefront of our industry. I cherish the constant challenges my work brings, keeping me engaged daily. And I’ve formed some amazing friendships within our team, they keep me on my toes and even at this age I study hard to keep up with them. I’m forever learning.

An honest approach and doubled growth

When describing her personality, Gunilla mentions she’s a people person and a natural project leader – passionate about leading and coaching. Additionally, she’s very fond of Taipuva’s values and an upfront approach to sales.

– Last year we grew, we almost doubled our growth. With that said we have maintained our holistic values of the founding members. I believe in an honest sales approach, and if you contact us regarding the tool or the way we work I will cut away the BS if it’s not suitable for your organization. I’m here to build long term relationships with our clients. If you manage to do that, in my eyes, you’ve succeeded.

Siemens Nordic Partner of the Year 2023

In February, Taipuva was honoured with the Nordic Partner of the Year 2023 award by Siemens Digital Industries Software – a testament to the fruits of their hard work. Another significant event during that month was the Taipuva Polarion Days 2024.

Reflecting on the latter, Gunilla expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to connect with customers, listening to their stories and experiences:

MicrosoftTeams image

I love that our customers willingly take the stage to share their journey with us. It’s invaluable for both us, potential and existing clients. Plus, the fact that attendees keep returning year after year speaks volumes.


Finally, Gunilla reminisces about another daring moment when her journey at Taipuva was just beginning:

– My boss set a challenge right from the start, writing: ‘Is she the one to establish Polarion in the Swedish market?’ about me in an article. Well, my response to him now is: ‘Yes, we did.

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