Consulting was the first step but the long co-operation with Taipuva has resulted in no less than improved processes and hundreds of satisfied Polarion users at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technologies. How did all this happen?

In 2009 Sandvik Mining and Rock Technologies searched for a new requirements management solution. The old tools could not handle the variety of features needed at mining and construction industries – especially since Sandvik is a world-leading provider of equipment and solutions in these fields.

A more efficient, web-based solution was needed.

“ALM Solutions are not part of our own product portfolio, so I knew we needed a reliable partner to save our time and effort”, says Petri Hakomäki, Engineering Manager in Testing.

Thus Sandvik started transition to Polarion ALM Solution in 2009. Co-operation with Taipuva Oy started as early as in 2011, the same year Taipuva was founded. Even though transition to a whole new system is not always easy, at Sandvik everything went according the plan.

“Taipuva organized great trainings for all our new user groups. In the first years Taipuva trainings, materials and consulting guided Sandvik professionals to get the most out of Polarion”, recalls Hakomäki.

Taipuva’s tailored solutions impressed Sandvik

Back in the days Sandvik started to use Polarion it did not have all the versatile qualities it has today. This is where Taipuva’s help was much appreciated.

“Taipuva has offered many tailored solutions specifically to meet the needs of our industry. Those features could not have been found in any existing ALM solution”, says engineering manager Hakomäki.

Another key element leading to long-time co-operation was agile Taipuva attitude.

“Professionals from Taipuva understand our business and they have the best insight of Polarion. When we need special reports or configurations, they react quickly. We never have to wait for long”, smiles Hakomäki.

How did Polarion affect  everyday work?

But the most important question remains – has the Polarion ALM solution changed the everyday work at Sandvik? Engineering manager Hakomäki has the answer since he regularly surveys how the users experience Polarion.

“Majority of our professionals agree our processes have evolved with Polarion. When all information can be found under the same ALM Solution the software development is significantly smoother and quicker.”

One especially praised feature is that as a 100% browser-based solution Polarion ensures the in-house team as well as the consults working outside the Sandvik office can easily access the same information concerning tasks, requirements, test cases and software issues.

It is no question that today Polarion is an elemental part of Sandvik software development process. But how widely is Polarion used and for which projects?

“All our new industry and machinery software development projects use Polarion in some way. This means about 200 professionals use Polarion ALM Solution in their daily work”, says Hakomäki.

“They know us and our business”

Hakomäki is happy to tell the daily work with Polarion goes on nice and smooth and whenever an advanced feature or configuration is needed the help is not far.

“We have come a long way together with Taipuva. Polarion has developed a great deal to offer a wider variety of features. With Taipuva experts Pasi Ahola and Petri Näppi we keep the focus on the essential. They know our business. When we have a problem, we call them.”

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