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Lynxwork is a startup that saw the light at KTH, and was sprung from the idea of linking data instead of copying. Just as easy as browsing the net, linking to the source is crucial to get accurate information. With the solution LynxDesigner, your architects and application owners can manage the information across all applications and autogenerate the connectors required to link the data. Keeping the data at the source ensures that there are no more master data issues. Lynxwork wants to make it easier for people to collaborate with the right and updated product data at their fingertips.

What did you talk about at Taipuva Polarion Days 2023?

– I had a presentation about Lynxworks. It’s a startup from KTH and we work with integration. We help organizations manage their engineering environment and how they integrate their applications. We presented our product LynxDesigner, which is a tool that helps architects and application owners to manage the toolchain, and the information flow between the applications. It means that they can have control over their engineering environment, modeling it and managing it over the life lifespan of their organization. 

What do you hope to gain from this event?


– I hope to meet more users of Polarion and understand how they use Polarion in their organization. I work with integration, so it’s also interesting to see how Polarion is used together with other engineering applications. 

You want to support both humans and machines with Lynxwork, can you elaborate?

– Typically when you work with integrations of engineering applications, the focus is a lot on the actual machines, the applications themselves talking to each other. That’s typically what an API is. But we think we also need to help the engineers when they’re working with one application, to be able to communicate with other applications they don’t normally work with, to get access to the information and create traceability links.

– So the integration is not only between one application and the other, but it’s also with the end user of the applications so that they can access the different information from the different tools. It becomes more of a user-to-machine integration, and not only machine-to-machine integration.

Dr Jad El-khoury, Founder and CTO of Lynxwork

What are your key takeaways so far?

– I learned a lot about how Polarion is used by different organizations. It’s been very useful to hear from Siemens about the future plans for Polarion and what they’re releasing shortly, but also what’s their vision ahead. And that’s good to know, especially if you work with integrations, then you need to know how you know where the applications are heading, where Polarion is heading.

What would you say is the meaning of an event like Taipuva Polarion Days?

– The most valuable thing is networking – to meet other users of Polarion and to hear how different users configure Polarion and how they use it for different needs. We use Polarion for our development, but as I said, we integrate with Polarion, but to learn how people can configure Polarion differently and the needs are the same. This means we can borrow a lot of ideas and share ideas with the different end users of Polarion, and that’s very valuable.

Full Lynxwork presentation from Taipuva Polarion Days 2023

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