Polarion 2310

  • Hierarchical Space Permissions: Elevate your control over Space access and handpick teams that can view and edit their content.
  • Bulk Branching: Branch multiple documents in one swift action, streamlining your reuse workflow with precision and convenience.
  • Collaboration on Pages: Engage in dynamic feedback on Pages through comments and stay in the loop as a Watcher when Pages evolve.
  • Interactive Diagrams: Seamlessly link diagram elements to Polarion objects and navigate to them from diagrams.

Polarion 2304

  • Managing Variants with Teamcenter Product Configurator
  • REST API – Extended with search results pagination and new endpoints for documents and enumerations.
  • In-line editing in tables – Efficiently update most Work Item fields in table views.
  • Authoring Test Steps in Excel Round-trip – Create and edit test steps in bulk using Excel round-trip import and export.

Polarion 22R2

  • REST API – Brand-new high-throughput and easy-to-use REST API allows seamless integration of Polarion with external tools.
  • Navigation header – New navigation header helps you differentiate projects easily, know where you are, and create new artifacts quickly.
  • In-line editing in tables – Efficiently update multiple Work Items in table views.
  • Updated diagram editor – Use new shape libraries, create custom elements and import Visio diagrams into Polarion diagramming.

Polarion 22R1

  • Commit Traceability – New scalable architecture of source code change traceability allows you to link changes from thousands of branches to Polarion Work Items with minimal network utilization.
  • Simulink Connector – A brand new Simulink connector provides a superb user experience with the embedded Polarion UI within the Simulink and an advanced feature set.
  • Productivity Improvements – Easy on the user with type-specific custom fields for Live Documents, or retaining the Work Item selection when switching the Live Document filter

Polarion 21R2

  • Xcelerator Share Integration – For this release we are introducing a new and exciting collaboration capability that allows Polarion users to share and roundtrip LiveDoc documents with their suppliers and other colleagues with Siemens Xcelerator Share.
  • Table-type Custom Field – This new custom field type provides a table structure. Administrators can configure the columns and end users can populate them row by row in Work Items.

Significant enhancements were done to the following:

  • LiveDoc Collaboration – New document collaboration notification indicators were added so it’s now even easier to understand when other users are simultaneously editing and saving document changes.
  • Authentication Improvement – Our OAuth support has been improved to include Electronic Signatures and User Group synchronization. Our new login screen can be used with case-insensitive logins.
  • Improvements to Connectors – A new OSLC API has been added to support querying and we have improved the compatibility with ReqIF with third-party Requirements tools to aid collaboration.

Polarion 21R1

  • LiveDoc Collaboration – You can now see how many people are working concurrently on a Document, and conflict merging is improved.
  • User Authentication – This release brings a major rework of user authentication, including the possibility to authenticate against multiple providers.
  • Improvements to Connectors – ReqIF auto-mapping, planning data sync with Jira, and more

Polarion 20R2

  • Further Improvements to Collections
    -Now supports adding documents to Collections from other projects.
    -Collection enabled search
    -Provides the ability to create Baselines for Collections
    -Reuse (include & duplicate operations)
  • Landscape orientation respect and support in LiveDoc documents and Word Roundtrip – This enhancement provides support for Landscape page orientation with import and round-trip for Microsoft Word
  • Reuse Work Items within LiveDocs including attributes – Copy & paste of Work Items within LiveDocs provides a possibility to copy also all custom field and built-in field values.
  • Electronic Signatures integrated with single sign-on – Electronic signatures can rely on an authentication token from your identity provider.
  • Ordering enumerations by drag & drop – Provides much easier sorting of enumeration lists in administration.

Polarion 20R1

For the last time, this major release concludes the delivery of capabilities that were previously released during the year through the  ( service releases. They include:

  • Document Baselines (19.2)
  • Reuse and combine for LiveDocs (19.3)
  • User Groups for easy permissions management (19.3)

In the Polarion 20 R1 release, we introduce additional new features, improvements, and enhancements to existing functionality, that were finalized since the last 19.3 release:

  • Collections – support parallel development of specifications
  • Connector for Jenkins – integrates your CI/CD pipelines into Polarion
  • Synchronization of User Groups with LDAP – centralizes the user groups management
  • New historical searching – reworked with a focus on performance and scalability
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