Webinar – How to accelerate product and software development with modern ALM
Explains the meaning of ALM, states an overview what basic problems of product development processes and shows a compelling demo of Polarion ALM for 5 short use cases.

Webinar – Perinteiset dokumentit ovat kuolleet! (Finnish)
Sisällön määrittelyn ja ryhmätyön haasteet, Polarion Live Document – Demo sekä Yhteenveto hyödyistä, käyttöönotosta ja referensseistä

Requirements Management in Large Projects
Gain Competitive Edge by Understanding and Managing Requirements in Large Capital Projects.

Risk management according to ISO 14971:2019 with Polarion – Boule Diagnostics
Part of Taipuva Polarion Days 2021 “Medical Device Design Controls & Risk Management – Digitalization” session

How our Internal User Forum works – Storstockholms Lokaltrafik
Part of Taipuva Polarion Days 2021Extending Polarion Out of the Box” – session

Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis (TARA) – Cybersecurity at Scania
New legislation in the automotive sector drives a systematic approach to manage cybersecurity throughout the entire product lifecycle. For this purpose, Scania has developed tool support in Polarion using the Nextedy Risksheet to maintain TARA’s in line with ISO-21434.

Concept for continuous development of modular products – Scania
Why has Scania been developing their modular product approach for 30 years?  Find out from this webinar what was part of Taipuva Polarion Days 2021 ” Product Development Information Reuse” – session

Polarion Strategy and Roadmap – Siemens Digital Industries Software
Part of “Polarion Today & Tomorrow” webinar showes the current status and future of Polarion.

Systems engineering and reuse with Polarion – Consilium Marine and Safety
Part of Taipuva Polarion Days 2021 ” Product Development Information Reuse” – session

Requirement Heavy Tenders – How to be Successful?
If you need to respond to invitation to tenders that contain hundreds of requirements, conditions and terms, this webinar is for you! In this webinar Taipuva and Prohoc will reveal how everything works in a process that we have perfected together.

“What is Polarion?” – Webinar on Overview, Benefits and Demo
This is a presentation and demo – an easy way for you to understand the essence of this remarkable tool, and why it makes a difference. With more than 10 years of experience Taipuva compresses it all to a nutshell. The webinar is suitable for all industries and disciplines.


Polarion Instruction – License Key Activation
Short instruction, how to reactivate Polarion with a received license key, and how to verify the license content.

Polarion Instruction – How to change work item type
Short instruction, how to change the work item type. What things affect that, if it seems that you cannot do that.

Polarion instruction – How to change your password
Quick tutorial on how to change your Polarion password.

How to Import Diagrams From Visio
a Short tutorial video on how to import Microsoft Visio .vsd(x) files to Polarion.

Polarion JIRA Connector Demo
A short demo on integration between Polarion & JIRA

Polarion Instruction – How to upload a configuration file
Compact instruction, how you can upload single configuration files into Polarion. You also need to know, where to put the file in the file structure, and sometimes how to name the file. This video is an example of a Word import configuration.

Polarion instruction – How to work with branched documents
Live demo instruction of Polarion live document branches

Customer Stories

Learn how Innokas Medical got “Significant Efficiency Improvements, up to 80%” after starting collaboration with Taipuva!

In medical technology, high demands are placed on documentation, traceability and compliance – Polarion simplifies product development at Airsonett.

Taipuva helps Envirotainer deliver “cool drugs” for its customers – with full traceability for both users and developers

To share a professional insight about the use of Polarion ALM in medical device industry, we asked Planmeca’s people to share their thoughts about our solutions.

Consulting was the first step but the long co-operation with Taipuva has resulted in no less than improved processes and hundreds of satisfied Polarion users at Sandvik

Learn how Polarion helped Junttan to develop the world’s first electric pile driving rig!

Smooth system implementation helps Boule set new standards when developing its next platform for blood testing

In 2018 UNEEG Medical realized they had a challenge in keeping their hundred different design documents per product in control. They decided to trust on Taipuva and Polarion tool to help them overcome this challenge

Can product developers on three continents work together efficiently?
With Taipuva they built a whole new way to collaborate

Whitepapers & Articles

Facilitating agility, traceability and regulatory compliance with Polarion
This paper introduces you to Polarion software and discusses how it can help make your
organization more agile.

Accelerate collaboration with unified requirements management
Ever-growing customer expectations for innovation amplify the challenges companies face in today’s competitive business environment. While the increased ratio of software in modern products has accelerated innovation, it has also intensified complexity and risk.

Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps Solution
This Ovum Decision Matrix (ODM) examines ALM tools that cross over into DevOps to support the full arc of the lifecycle from application/product concept to deployment into production.

Polarion Customers Achieve FDA CFR 21
Whitepaper describes in detail the most challenging requirements of the FDA regulation and how customers achieve compliance using Polarion without having to remodel or upset their organization’s process, or methods.

Taipuva’s Solution for Health Tech
If you want to create safe products, be sure of cybersecurity and comply to regulations & get products to markets FAST – This is for you!

Polarion Performance & Scalability: Polarion scales to the Enterprise!
Testing is essential during software development is essential to ensure the usability in the daily use of the customer. Latest Polarion 22 R1 was put again through its paces to ensure you reliable performance and scalability.

Polarion ALM 22 R1 – What’s New and Noteworthy
Another major version of Polarion is now available – Polarion ALM 22 R1! Main focus of the update is on user-friendliness and integrations that make Polarion easier and faster to use.

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