Our customer base has expanded with two new companies. We are delighted to start cooperation with them – helping them on their journey!

Mehiläinen is a private health care provider that is going international with its digital services, according to a recent (Finnish language) article in the leading Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat. Currently it is Finland’s biggest health care company with 1,3 million customers annually, and it aims for strong growth in the coming years.

Mehiläinen is splitting its Beehealthy subsidiary for the development of a digital health care platform, which they are going to sell to their customers. So far, Mehiläinen has announced sales of the platform to a Greek and an Italian health care provider, and they tell that there are deals for five other customers, also outside of Europe.

The platform includes an electronic appointment booking, the possibility to renew prescriptions, the patient’s health history and a service called Digital Clinic. The latter means that a patient connects to a physician via a chat service. It is not a real-time discussion, but the patient leaves a message that gets answered.

Alongside with Beehealthy Mehiläinen keeps on developing its national digital health care services with an expanding team. They now have about 70 software developers, and with Beehealthy the number is going to grow to more than 100.

Photono is a startup company that has technology for a groundbreaking medical device to fight glaucoma. It was founded in 2014 by Antti Kontiola (MD, Ph.D.), a doctor and award winning inventor.  Antti has previously disrupted the intra-ocular pressure market with Tiolat, which became known for iCare brand tonometers.

At Photono the quest continues. With the state-of-the-art technology developed in close cooperation with a research group lead by Professor Edward Hæggström (Ph.D.) of the University of Helsinki Physics Department Electronics Research Laboratory, the vision is now becoming a reality.

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