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Polarion ALM  17.2. release is out. You will find new functionality and significant enhancements in areas such as

  • Agile Development – a new Agile Task Board widget with drag-drop support
  • Variant Management – new cross-project capability with propagation
  • Security – SAML based authentication
  • Project Templates – re-implemented using LiveReport Technology
  • UX Enhancements – reuse requirements across documents, attachments handling, etc.

Support for Drag and Drop on Agile task boards

The Drag and Drop capability is a major time-saver when it comes to moving Work Items through the workflow. To transition a Work Item to a different status, you simply drag it from one column and drop it to the column representing the new status.

Edit Work Item Properties in Agile task board and  Table Block Widget

Work item properties can be adjusted directly on a Live Report page by selecting the workitem in an Agile task board or a Table block.

Reuse Document Work Items by Copy & Paste

When you copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) Work Items from one Live Document to another, you can choose whether you want to paste work items as a reference or create copies (new work items).

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