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Tapio Tuomola brings a rare perspective to his position as Chief Sales Officer at Taipuva. With a background in engineering, his commitment extends far beyond sales and marketing, and he’s driven by a genuine desire to remove obstacles and ensure seamless operations for customers.

“I don’t see myself as a salesperson, but rather as someone working in customer service. My primary goal is to find the best solution for the customer’s needs, addressing their challenges and finding ways to fix them,” Tapio explains and continues:

“At Taipuva, we all work in customer service in different ways. We truly function as a customer service-oriented team, where everyone contributes to building trust and serving as trusted advisors rather than mere business contacts.”

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Fostering professional and personal success

Throughout his seven years at Taipuva, Tapio has witnessed remarkable growth, with revenue skyrocketing and the team expanding from four to twenty employees. But in addition to his professional success, Tapio has experienced personal growth as a father as well.

“Family is everything to me, and I love spending time with my wife and daughter. My daughter was only three months old when I first started at Taipuva, and now I get to walk her to school every morning,” he says and continues:

“Time really flies. I still remember when she was just a baby, and now, she’s about to turn seven. It’s a similar feeling with Taipuva – it was like a newborn when I first started this journey, and now it feels like a thriving teenager.”

Achieving success through team effort

Taipuva recently shifted to a software as a service-based business model, which not only strengthened their position as the leading Siemens partner but also offered customers greater flexibility in scaling their operations.

Tapio played a crucial role in this transformation, which earned him the recognition as the top salesperson in the Nordics by Siemens. But from his perspective, it couldn’t have been possible without the whole team at Taipuva.

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“Our success at Taipuva is a result of the collaborative effort of our entire team. We were pioneers in implementing this change, and it was our consistent dedication and hard work that made our accomplishments possible,” Tapio says and continues:

“When working with customers, our main aim is to make processes practical and seamlessly integrated into their daily operations, without adding extra burdens. Our solutions improve collaboration, enhance change management, ensure traceability and proper product information, seamlessly building quality in their everyday operations. It’s truly a team effort that enables us to be where we are today.”

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