Polarion Days 2020 attracted a great crowd

More than 130 people shared the exciting conference day with us and more than half stayed for training on the second day. Presentations highlighted how to become more data driven and execute digitalization in practice with the tools and services provided by Taipuva.

Envirotainer and UNEEG Medical kicked the day of by sharing very interesting stories about embarking on the digitalization journey with Taipuva. Johan from Envirotainer told they were able to remove 25% of their product requirements by leveraging Polarion for requirements management. Imagine you were able to create a new product with 25% less effort and R&D expenses! As a bonus you get the product out a lot faster.

Flemming from UNEEG described how easy it was to get started with Polarion. He was particularly happy with automatic traceability, ease of analyzing the change impact and graphical overview for communicating the engineering status.

After lunch Ola Larses spoke about taking Scania a step further in using Polarion as a management system with the statement “With seamless integration all processes can use all tools”. You can read more about it in the presentation.

Simo from Wärtsilä described how the sales and execution phase in large investment projects can be managed in a way that reduces risks and the price tag on the whole project. He also asked and answered some very interesting questions:

  • Does the whole global team know which documents to review when handling tenders, RFQ’s or contracts?
  • Are current findings, deviations, clarifications, unclarities, evidence to be made and risks known to everyone?
  • Who has time to combine the clarifications list to the customer?
  • Are customer responses visible for everyone?
  • Are issues finally agreed or rejected by the customer?
  • Is the management aware of the status of all of the above?

Final customer presentation was from Pauli at Innokas Medical who spoke about operationalizing Design Controls in medical device design and development. Medical devices are strictly regulated so the importance of the right process and the right tools make all the difference. Pauli summarized that they had been able to significantly improve customer collaboration. Reusing common ways of working with a fast project setup and standard requirements result in savings.

We also heard interesting presentations from Siemens about the future roadmap of Polarion and the low code platform Mendix that can help companies develop business applications in hours instead of months.

It was also great to see our customers networking together and extending their ideas for Polarion.

We thank all the speakers and attendees for making the event really inspiring! We hope to see you all next year.

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