New Major Polarion release 19 available

New features and significant enhancements include:

  • Mathematical formulas – Use LaTeX language to enter formulas in LiveDocs
  • Connector for Azure DevOps – Exchange data with TFS and VSTS as part of the Polarion ALM product
  • New integrations – Traceability of commits in external GitLab and Bitbucket repositories
  • Rendering OSLC links in Live Reports
  • Hierarchical Spaces in Favorites
  • Selecting the link role during workitem duplication
  • Work-In-Progress limits on Kanban boards
  • Several performance improvements and fixes to notable issues

Find the complete release notes from the link below
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You can also find more information about the connector for Microsoft Azure DevOps from the link below
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Webinar – Requirements management in the Oil&Gas industry

Here is an excellent webinar highlighting how Equinor, a global energy company that powers the lives of 170 million people, has improved their efficiency by moving towards modern requirements management principals. This has enabled them to cut down costs related to enormous number of requirements distributed out in the value chain as part of contracts.

Since the first wave of digitalization in the oil and gas industry some 30 years ago, requirements have been carved not in stone, but in PDF documents. This has caused enormous effort in managing change and collaboration. Polarion ALM brings complex, multidiscipline projects to a new level when it comes to areas like collaboration, traceability, managing change and performing impact analysis.

See this 50 minute on-demand webinar to hear about:

  • Current standards that organizations in the oil and gas industry need to comply with
  • Benefits a development project can achieve from the right tools for managing standards and other requirements in different phases of a project
  • How Polarion can improve change management
  • Concrete use case from Equinor

Find the on-demand webinar recording from the link below
See the webinar

New Polarion extension utilizing AI for assessing requirements quality

reQlab is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence tool improving natural language requirements. With its integration in Polarion, it can be used during the normal process of writing your requirements.

reQlab is trained to help you fulfil the following quality criteria for requirements defined by the IEEE 830:

Read more about this extension from the link below
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