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Polarion Training Modules

We now offer module-based trainings for Polarion to fit your specific needs. Modules can be selected and tailored to match your starting point and desired level you want to reach. Everything can be done online, with live sessions by our experienced trainers.

Trainings are available for three topic groups:

  • User Training
  • Administration and Configuration
  • Superuser/Developer

Each group consists of modules, which can be mixed and matched to your needs. The training modules have been successfully delivered both online and in classrooms.

Feedback From Participants

Tomas Hektor, Systems Engineer at NIRA Dynamics, says:

The online training was easy to tailor for my specific needs. I specifically appreciated how easy it was to plan the training sessions over a period of time. This enabled me to learn a single topic thoroughly before moving on to the next one.

General Comments

“Training was very comprehensive, and nicely paced even in a remote environment. The material allows reviewing afterwards, which helps to fill any gaps in knowledge.”“Very good and enlightening training.“Training worked very well online, I don’t think it could have been any better in a classroom”

User Training Modules

Polarion Essentials (2 h)

  1. Basic concepts and terminology
  2. User interface
  3. Work items
  4. Linking work items

Views and Documents (2 h)

  1. Effective use of work items view
  2. LiveDocs – Working with Polarion documents

Import, Export & Reusing Information (2 h)

  1. Imports, exports and round-trips (Word, Excel)
  2. Document reuse
  3. Document branch

Test Management (2 h)

  1. Test plans/specifications
  2. Test runs & templates
  3. Test execution and result reporting

Change Management (2 h)

  1. Versions, changes and baselines
  2. Reviews & approvals
  3. Change control

Administration and Configuration

Polarion Admin & Config (3 h)

  1. Configuration overview & admin basics
  2. User  management
  3. Configure to support your process

Superuser / Developer

Super User Overview (2 h)

  1. Configuration overview & admin basics
  2. Planning for scripting
  3. Extension and scripting – possibilities & technologies

Report Development (3 h)

  1. LiveReport page
    1. Widgets
    2. Queries
    3. Parameters
  2. Scripting on LiveReport pages
    1. Basics of Velocity
    2. Page scripting
    3. Highcharts for graphs
  3. Scripted reports embedded in documents
  4. Scripted fields and panels in work items

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