Taipuva Consulting AB showed significant growth during 2020 despite the pandemic – the financial statements for 2020 showed a 62 percent sales increase compared to 2019. Now they strive to further establish themselves on the Swedish market, starting by hiring Gunilla McLeod, former CEO of BA Consultants, as Head of Sales.

While business has slowed for many during the pandemic, it has flourished for Taipuva Consulting AB. Taipuva offers smart system solutions to companies that want to streamline their way of working, reduce time to market and facilitate work with compliance. Software such as Polarion makes it easier for businesses to work smarter rather than harder, and has been well received by clients. To strike while the iron is hot, Gunilla McLeod enters the team as Head of Sales.

– We’re taking the next step on our growth journey in Sweden and want to establish a greater presence. Gunilla enters her role as Head of Sales as a part of this strategic venture, and brings with her a wide network of interesting connections from business areas we want to explore such as construction, fintech and Swedish industry, says Taipuva Sweden’s CEO Tord Ringenhall and continues:

– Bringing in someone who can wholeheartedly focus on sales will be fun and rewarding. Her background in the fashion industry is also different from ours, and the contrast between her and the other employees – a bunch of physics PhDs and a civil engineer – will add some much-needed dynamics to the company. Those of us with a research background are more consultative, so it’s very important to bring in someone who can focus on building relationships.

Part of the Mendix campaign

Recruiting Gunilla McLeod as Head of Sales is part of Taipuva’s campaign to promote the Polarion-related Mendix system. This campaign could also lead to further staff recruitment to Taipuva, whose Sweden office currently consists of two full-time employees and five consultants. Gunilla’s first task will be to set up a prospecting structure and to build relationships with Taipuva’s customer base and potential clients.

– I look forward to prospecting the market and applying Taipuva’s systems to new, untested business areas. My background is in fashion, media and finance and it’ll be a fun challenge to work in an industry I strongly believe in: the tech industry, where the future lies, says Gunilla McLeod.


Gunilla McLeod