We feel it is important to give something back to our community and support local businesses.

Taipuva is proud to support two different organizations this fall: Pieni Kulkija (the Little Walker) in Finland and Aktiv Skola in Sweden.

Pieni Kulkija

Pieni Kulkija aims to improve the safety of children on their journey to school. They are doing this by delivering Reflective Safety Vests to first-graders.

Safety Vests

Aktiv Skola

Aktiv Skola wants to take a firm grip on school issues from students’ and parents’ perspective. They believe that a unifying force is needed to create a better school in Sweden. They also believe issues related to children’s learning, health, wellness, bullying, drug abuse and the environment are too important to be de-prioritized due to finances. Aktiv Skola wants to contribute knowledge and current material in all these areas.

Because the future begins in the classroom!

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