Our glossary offers a good starting point for defining requirements engineering related terminology at your company. Just download the simple Excel format glossary and modify it to suit your company’s needs!

Requirements engineering (RE) is a field with many terms and definitions for them.  If the basis (terminology) is misunderstood, then two people specifying “features” might be doing a totally different thing, with a different style. Common and agreed terminology makes it possible for people to understand each other and work in the same unified way.

This glossary is based in English language and the most common terms. It also expands to systems engineering and other fields close to RE. There are separate columns for abbreviation (if such exists) and Finnish translation, but you can delete them, if you don’t need those.

How to Apply This Glossary?
– Choose the terms that are relevant
– Make sure the descriptions match how your organization should understand the terms
– Add examples of your industry topics, if possible
– Add other language translations to provide the counterparts that are familiar

Publish this glossary along with instructions how to write good requirements in your organization. We can also provide training and consultancy for that!

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