October 23rd – 25th in Berlin

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Do you wish to increase productivity, enhance your products and learn about new trends & product announcements directly from Siemens PLM Software? Siemens PLM connection is a great way to do so by sharing real life experiences and connecting with other users, product management and executives of Siemens PLM software.

What are the transformational forces that are making disruptive innovation more prevalent? How can a company leverage these forces to improve their ability to innovate? Siemens PLM Software believes that manufacturers are better equipped to initiate or respond to disruptive innovation when their processes are fully digitalized – from ideation through realization to utilization. Digitalization transforms the innovation process into a proactive agent in driving new business opportunities. Join us to learn the latest about the Siemens Digital Enterprise Software Suite.

The agenda has close to 200 sessions to choose from covering all aspects of the extensive Siemens PLM Software solutions presented by users, partners and Siemens PLM Software. In addition you can participate to round table sessions to engage in deeper discussions around specific topics of interest. The event also features a dedicated ALM track where you will learn about Polarion ALM and it’s possibilites in the world of IoT, Digitalization, Industry 4.0 and Enterprise Agile (SAFe). This year’s Motivational speaker is Bruce Dickinson, Pilot and Lead Singer of Iron Maiden who will share with you how to turn your customers into Fans.

Join the 500+ people that have already registered!

Highlights of the event:
– Siemens PLM Software’s Digital Enterprise Vision & Strategies
– User Success Stories and PLM/MOM Best Practices
– Knowledge sharing around solutions and products
– Partner / Sponsor exhibition
– Showcase of the Digital Enterprise Suite

You can find more information about the event here.

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