Smarter systems require smarter solutions

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Today, the cars we drive can be increasingly equated with smart devices. They are equipped with smart technical systems that are connected to external devices and to public networks. Digitized cars are undeniably the future, but in step with developments, the risk of cyber attacks also increases as hackers find more ways to get into the car’s system. By extension, it is a security threat to the passenger.

It is a major challenge for the automotive industry to keep pace with the advanced technology behind today’s rapidly growing cyber threats. Cyber ​​security for cars is a relatively new issue, where no specific regulations in the industry have existed until now. The long-awaited certification for cyber security in cars, ISO / SAE 21434, was presented for the first time in 2018 and is now coming into force after three years of preparation.

The certification places demands on a comprehensive approach to cyber security in the automotive industry – with established guidelines, processes and tools to be able to offer cyber-safe vehicles in the future. A great deal of work is now underway for all relevant actors to build sustainable processes and structures to get there. When it enters into force, cyber security will be a hygiene factor in order to be a current player in the market at all.

Building structures and processes from scratch involves many challenges. But using one and the same tool to do that is a huge advantage. Polarion is a tool where all processes are handled side by side in an integrated platform. It is a smart way to work proactively and gain overall control over how different parts of production are linked throughout the process. The company receives natural documentation of the projects and can reuse information from one project to another.

Polarion is used in a number of different industries and has proven to be very useful for processes related to smart technology. Cyber ​​security will be a complex issue to deal with for a long time to come – but with Polarion it will be a little easier.

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