No matter if you are delivering a complex project or developing products or software in whatever area, proper requirements management and engineering results in:

  • Securing compliance
  • Profound understanding what to do
  • Delivering the right stuff early on
  • Getting architecture and design right
  • Having a structure that drives clarity, traceability and reusability – in other words, efficiency

Requirements are everywhere!

Requirements management was invented to have control on software development that had gone too complex. Today requirements are found in all industries and businesses:

  • User requirements specifications
  • Functional specifications or product descriptions
  • Standards
  • Project contracts
  • Invitations to tender (ITT) and requests for quotation (RFQ)
  • Issuing ITTs and RFQs for suppliers and contractors
Many Faces of Requirements Management

Even laws and regulations state requirements. They apply – not only to product development – but also to organizations and the processes they carry out.

In many use cases the principles of requirements management and engineering are very useful. When adjusted to the case at hand, it helps doing the right thing and saving time & effort.

See an example of requirements management in a large (investment) project – and how to respond to an ITT or a RFQ quickly:

Get the requirements engineering process right for you

If you feel your organisation could do better with requirements management, you can trust our expertise to guide you. We help you bring structure and order in the house. We advise, how different disciplines can work together more efficiently.

Definition of requirement

IREB Glossary defines a requirement as follows: a need perceived by a stakeholder; a capability or property that a system shall have; a documented representation of a need, capability or property.

Taipuva’s approach on product content

Our wide spectrum covers not only “puristic” requirements as above, but all product or project “content” information that defines the outcome.

This approach with “content” makes it evident that requirement management is not only useful for developers, but it expands to:

  • Product management and roadmaps – as well as business cases
  • Product version management
  • Software release management
  • Variant management
  • Product configuration management
  • Product and software architecture

Different business functions can use the structured product information, for example documentation for instruction and safety manuals.

Requirement traceability to verification

Defined and structured content is the corner stone for many other processes closely related to requirements management:

  • Test management
  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Safety risk management and control

The connection to verify and validate requirements is forced by law in many industries, in order to justify the compliance to regulations. Cybersecurity requirements fall into this category, too.

Agile requirements

This certainly does not mean a “waterfall” way of defining everything up front! Rather, it means documenting just “enough” – and more importantly with an appropriate structure and style. This way useful information is produced during implementation and it can drive reusability and everybody’s understanding of what the product is all about.

Make use of Taipuva’s expertise in Requirements Management

This is where Taipuva can help your organisation: create a structure and way to manage requirements and all related information effectively. We know how to combine fast and agile development methods to this structured approach, so that you can get the best of both worlds.

“Requirements management to a whole new level”

In 2010, Danfoss Drives had challenges where to find the right requirements management documents, latest versions and updated data. With Taipuva they built a whole new way to collaborate.

Training on requirements best practises

It all starts with knowledge about what is possible and how. Trainings or workshops are the fastest way to start!

Requirements Management tool & verification traceability tool

Requirements and all product content – including verification, validation and risks – are much easier to handle with a platform that enables you to truly connect them. It’s not even difficult!

Let’s talk how we could help you with managing reqs and content

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