We are excited to be co-hosting a virtual workshop by AHMED Project Consortium on November 19, 2020. In this workshop attendees have a chance to learn and influence the research and development project AHMED. 

We believe that it is possible to considerably speed up software development and deploying it to production in health technology, healthcare and other regulated industries. Our goal is to bring very advanced solutions to market and prove that they solve the problem. The project consortium is excellent for sharing expertise, collaborating, co-creating and demonstrating solutions together. Taipuva is also responsible for the communication of the AHMED project.

“Taipuva has already been able to significantly speed up product development and regulatory compliance processes with our clients. The project goal is no less than to approach the continous cycle of DevOps – enabling true RegOps.”, says Pasi Ahola, CEO of Taipuva Consulting.

AHMED stands for “Agile and Holistic MEdical software Development”. The aim of the project is to create a continuous approach to regulatory requirements that considers the processes, practices and tools of software and data engineering. It is coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and participated by Helsinki University and six companies.

AHMED is partly funded by Business Finland and it is a part of Business Finland’s Smart Life program.

More information about the workshop and registration here.

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