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Jonathan Stjernlöf, Director of Sales Nordics at Siemens Digital Industry Software & Tord Ringenhall, CEO Taipuva Sweden.

“The goal with all our customers is to give them the right conditions to succeed in their work. We take care of the complex and make it simple. This way our customers can do what they are good at and focus on innovation.”

Tord Ringenhall, CEO Taipuva Sweden.

Taipuva’s vision is to be a long-term partner for our customers and partners, and to create success for all the parties with collaboration. For over 10 years, we have been a reseller for Polarion and for 6 years partner with Siemens Digital Industry Software. Taipuva’s ambition has always been to bring better ways of working to reality and through hard effort we have been able to add great value to all our stakeholders and help them progress.

“I’m very pleased that our team has reached this remarkable milestone. The Polarion solution has become a de facto platform in the medical devices industry and also gained popularity in other systems engineering areas. I’m grateful to our beautiful customers, who have been kind enough recommending us to others. In the future we look forward to making their business even more successful than before, with our expertise and solutions.”

Pasi Ahola, Founder of Taipuva.

To achieve Siemens Gold partner status, company needs a high standard of performance, competence and quality in their business. These are things that we at Taipuva are constantly developing as a partner. Even though there is still work to be done, it’s safe to say that Siemens have been really pleased to our partnership troughout the years.

“We are incredibly happy and proud of the Taipuva team. They are prime examples of how an expert partner should work. There is a high level of trust in both the collaboration and Taipuva as a company.”

Jonathan Stjernlöf, Director of Sales Nordics at Siemens Digital Industry Software.

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Huge “Thank you” to all our customers, employees and partners for making this fantastic achievement possible!

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