Taipuva Polarion Days 2023 is here!  Our annual event is held at Finlandshuset, Stockholm in March. Conference is on Wednesday the 22nd and the 23rd is for training/workshop sessions.

Why to join? 

  • Come and learn how the digital platform Polarion can be a game changer for your business
  • See examples and get ideas from different companies and industries how to improve your ways of working.
  • Meet all Polarion experts in the Nordics under the same roof. Network and share your experiences and challenges – get insight from other experts.


See a highlights video of the last year’s event!

Conference on 22nd is free of charge – you only need to register to secure your place (limited seats available)! After the conference Taipuva arranges networking dinner. Dinner is open for everyone (although limited seats) and comes with a fee.


If you are new to Polarion, Taipuva’s Polarion webinar provides you with an overview – so that you can also put presentations into context.

On Thursday 23rd there are two Training/Workshop Tracks: Polarion Basic Training and one for more Advanced Users.
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Conference Speakers and Topics

Morning Coffee available 8:30
Program starts at 9:00
and ends at 17:00
(After-conference mingle until 18:00, and then networking dinner starting 19:00)

Dr. Bernt Andrassy, Co-Founder & CEO, DRIMCo GmbH

Topic: AI-Automated Requirements Analysis – Maximum Reuse of Expert Knowledge

Bernt Andrassy is CEO and Founder of the Munich AI startup DRIMCo. With the Polarion-integrated product DRIM, they enable AI-based requirements understanding and knowledge reuse. DRIM automates the expert analysis of standards and RFQ/tender requirements. It helps cut time and save effort in responding to invitations to tender, as well as reduces risk and eases leveraging organization’s gathered knowledge on compliance to requirements. In this presentation Dr. Andrassy shows what DRIM can do and explains the basics how it works.

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Region Stockholm
Marina Omer & Dr. Arsham Mazaheri, Trafikförvaltningen, Region Stockholm

Topic: Workflow Management with Polarion: Change Management at Trafikförvaltningen

Polarion’s flexible setup, including custom fields, rules, conditions, and permission schema, empowers organizations to configure almost any process, from simple to complex, while catering to unique procedures and workflows, including change management.

Marina x Arsham
Thermo Fisher Scientific logo wordmark
Johan Haltia, Senior V&V Engineer, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Topic: Validation of Polarion for Medical QMS

Compliance with IVDR and FDA regulations places requirements on product development, documentation and the quality management system. Validation of Polarion in such an environment provides many benefits that support the creation of product documentation, such as ensure that the intended use of the shared toolset is understood by all relevant stakeholders, and ensure that the processes and outputs of the system function as expected.

Janne 2021
Oleksandr Kosenkov, fortiss GmbH & Blekinge Institute of Technology

Topic: Implementing “Security by Design” for Regulatory Compliance and Higher Software Product Quality

Oleksandr is an industrial researcher and investigates the area of regulatory Requirements Engineering with a particular focus on establishing an artefact model to guide the elaboration of requirements from legal contexts.
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Tim Ströbele, Siemens Digital Industry Software Germany

Topic: “A System of Systems – How to structure and manage it

A system of systems (SoS) refers to a collection of individual systems that work together to achieve a common goal. Managing complexity in an SoS is a significant challenge because it involves coordinating the interactions among the component systems, which can exhibit diverse behaviors and requirements. This presentation gives an introductory look at the Polarion’s “Systems of Systems” template (freely available) and how it can help manage your product development.
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Dr. Jad El-khoury, Founder and CTO, Lynxwork

Topic: Mastering Heterogeneity in the Digital Transformation

– How to Build Clean and Effective Application Interfaces

Product data is normally scattered in many non-connected applications, making collaboration difficult and increase the risk of errors.
We are Lynxwork, a startup sprung from the idea of linking data instead of copying. Just as easy as browsing the net, linking to the source is crucial to get accurate information. With our solution LynxDesigner your architects and application owners can manage the information cross all applications and autogenerate the connectors required to link the data. Keeping the data at the source ensures that there are no more master data issues.

Zdenek Fiedler, Manager of Product Management, Siemens Digital Industry Software

Topic: Polarion Strategic Outlook

Zdenek will share a long-term strategic outlook of Polarion, its positioning and Siemens vision how Polarion helps to address current and future business challenges in various engineering domains.
Dan Holm, Application Owner / Data Analyst, DeLaval

Topic: Tools and reports for managing the Polarion as an admin

Dan Holm has managed the Polarion instans at DeLaval for 8 years and will give his tips and tricks on how to be effective, sharing concrete lessons what makes a difference.
Dan Holm 1
Radek Krotil, Senior Polarion Technical Product Manager, Siemens Digital Industry Software

Topic: What’s New and Exciting in the latest Polarion

Radek will provide deep insights into the latest Polarion features, usability improvements and performance optimizations. Revealing hidden treasures and leveraging your ability to get the most out of your Polarion solution.
Radek Krotil 2
Dr. Ola Larses, Lead Consultant at Taipuva

Topic: To Be Announced

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SPECIAL GUEST: Milla Sjöstrand, Racing Driver

Topic: “Changing history by going faster

As a 15-year-old racing driver, Milla has already been driving go-karts and cars for half her life. She was a 2021 finalist with the FIA Girls on Track: Rising Stars talent program and has been in the Ferrari F1 factory for testing and training. To find the edge, she also drives in a racing simulator, where she uses the Tobii eye tracker to analyze and improve her driving! It has been 47 years since a woman started a Formula 1 race. “I think it’s time to change history. Together.” she says.

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Taipuva Polarion Days 2022 Wrap Up

Taipuva Polarion Days is a forum, where our customers and users can share their experiences of Taipuva and Polarion. Everyone interested in streamlining their work in complex product and software development or projects can meet up at our yearly event. This year, on April 26th and 27th, the participants gathered at Finlandshuset in Stockholm for two days of lectures, customer cases, networking and training sessions.

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