Andrea Lundkvist has a keen interest in the human body and its functioning. This, combined with her technical inclination, made studying medical technology an easy choice for her. She owes her interest in requirements management in medtech to her sense of order and her experience at Boule Diagnostics. During her studies, she worked concurrently at Boule and focused on requirements management. She was involved in various projects, including the implementation of Polarion as a system for requirements management and product development.

When Andrea is not assisting her clients with the risk management process, she works as a spinning instructor, despite her dislike for outdoor cycling. Andrea’s experience in the highly regulated medtech industry proves valuable in guiding clients from other industries in their risk and requirements management processes. The attainment of smooth workflows is applicable across many industries.

Andrea Lundkvist

“What I find enjoyable is encountering a problem and knowing that the goal will shift several times. There are multiple stakeholders who want to express their opinions along the way, but how do we reach the destination? I am delighted to be the guide in such situations. It’s rewarding to witness the emergence of something practical and functional. A solid foundation is crucial, as is determining the end result. How do we construct it? There will be numerous discussions and tests throughout the process,” says Andrea.

During her tenure at Boule Diagnostics, Andrea initially had to transfer their documentation to Polarion, a system that was new to them at the time. She also contributed to the development and customization of Polarion according to Boule’s requirements. Boule Diagnostics is a medtech company that manufactures machines for blood analysis in laboratories.

Andrea first encountered Taipuva in her role as a customer at Boule. At Taipuva, she plays a supportive role and gains insights into various industries.

“At Taipuva, we are a team of individuals with diverse expertise and experience from different industries. There is always someone to ask for assistance. I am motivated by helping and teaching others, and I believe that I can contribute to their success. The best aspect of my job is the opportunity to connect with numerous companies and learn from them. Taipuva is a fast-paced, flexible company with ample opportunities for growth. There is no typical employee, but we all share a common passion for systematic work and finding flexible approaches to our tasks,” concludes Andrea.

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