On the 23rd of March there will be Training/Workshopping Sessions that come with a participation fee per person. See the two optional tracks below.

Registration and payment to the sessions takes place through payment links. Training can be paid with a credit card, bank transfer or Mobile Pay. If you wish to pay via invoice, please contact us. Taipuva will add a 40 € handling fee on invoices.

TRACK A: Polarion Basic Training (8:30 – 16:00) 

375 € (excl. VAT)

Targeted for new Polarion users. Bring your laptop since this is hands-on!

  • Essentials: work items, linking, filtering, application to requirements management
  • Documents: using revolutionary LiveDocsTM
  • Test Management: overview & basic functionality
  • (Options if time allows: facilitating reviews, basics of risk management and work management & plans)

TRACK B: Training/Workshopping for Advanced & Super Users (8:30 – 16:00) 

375 € (excl. VAT)

Targeted for advanced Polarion users and process champions. Bring your laptop to get hands-on experience!

  • Managing a System of Systems – Hands-On Session (by Tim Ströbele & Achim Ruder, Siemens)
    A system of systems refers to a collection of individual systems that work together. We shall take a closer look at the new Siemens’s “System of Systems” template for Polarion (which is free for download). You will see how you can organize and manage systems, system groups, configurations and releases. Additionally, we will explore two reuse approaches: “Branch and Own” versus “Reuse and Configure” – and how they can be implemented with the System of Systems template.
  • Training on Going Beyond the Basic Polarion Configuration (by Taipuva)
    Introducing automation and scripting: use cases, examples, solution concepts and interfaces – as well entry points for your own development. You can bring your needs and examples for discussion!
  • Breakout Sessions – You can take either of these groups:
    1. AI on Polarion workshop (see below for more info!)
    2. A topic that gets realized out of these (based on popularity)
    2a) Managing several Polarion configurations and projects over time
    2b) Integrations for software DevOps – Jenkins, Git, Jira, Azure DevOps

“AI on Polarion” breakout workshop (by Dr. Bernt Andrassy, DRIMCo)

Participants have the opportunity to log into the DRIM-Polarion platform and have hands-on experience. The workshop flow simulates end-to-end productive usage of DRIM:

  1. Uploading documents
  2. Working with ROBs (Review/Requirement Objects)
  3. Working with AI:
    – Using AI to recognize topics
    – Managing “critical” ones
    – Managing expert knowledge
  4. Knowledge reuse from historic analyses
  5. Processing updated changes in input documents
  6. Progress overview and management in Polarion

Participants are encouraged to bring their use cases into consideration – for discussing the feasibility on DRIM and Polarion.

Payment Terms

If the event is cancelled by Taipuva, participants will get full refund. Participant need to cancel their attendance two weeks (14 days) before the training to get full refund. In case of refund, the money will be send back with the original payment method used in the order.

If you have any questions or you would like to cancel your participations, please contact us!
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