Taipuva’s CEO, Pasi Ahola, is the presenter in the webinar that shows, how product development can be accelerated by using the possibilities offered by modern ALM tools such as Polarion. ALM stands for Application Lifecycle Management (the meaning of ALM is explained as the first thing in the webinar).

Pasi Ahola, CEO of Taipuva
Pasi Ahola, CEO of Taipuva Consulting Oy

Products are becoming systems and even systems of systems. IoT enables connecting devices and forming ecosystems. Machine learning and intelligence open up new opportunities. Safety, information security and complying to regulations becomes necessity in new areas.

Watch the 35-minute webinar recording to see a summary and a demo, how the above mentioned challenges can be tackled by
– enabling better collaboration between teams and stakeholders,
– easing everybody’s contribution in specification work, and
– unifying different process areas for clearer traceability and status overview.

Please, just provide your email address below. Webinar language is English. We hope you enjoy it!

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