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Nextedy is a Czech based privately owned company founded in 2016 by two former Polarion ALM VPs. They create solutions to extend Polarion with product-like apps that help Polarion users to be more efficient e.g. in planning, managing risks and managing resources. Their experts bring tens of years of experience in design and implementation of various processes while remaining aligned with the core Polarion principles: Collaboration, Traceability and Reuse. If they we’re to distill their philosophy and approach into one short expression it would be: WIN-WIN.

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Examples of Nextedy products

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“Taipuva and NEXTEDY share the same values. Both are focused on finding workable solutions to complex problems. We look forward to offering smart solutions to our customers that mean great value for both business and users, and that can also be implemented quickly.”

Tord Ringenhall, CEO of Taipuva AB

“Partnering with Nextedy will truly help us to double the value of Polarion for our customers. We have seen how many organisations would like to be more efficient in managing more and more of their R&D process and activities with Polarion. Having the right solutions to do so is extremely important.”

Tapio Tuomola, CSO of Taipuva Oy

Interactive Work Tracking and Team Assignments in Polarion

Nextedy WORKSHEET – Solution for Interactive Work Management

Risk Management Made Easy and Traceable

Nextedy RISKSHEET – Solution for Interactive Risk Analysis: It enables you to manage, trace, and communicate safety-critical product risks

Interactive Road Map and Project Planning in Polarion

Take your schedule and roadmap planning to the next level with this Interactive drag & drop-enabled Gantt chart widget developed by Nextedy!

About Taipuva: Taipuva’s ambition is to bring better ways of working to reality. We are champions of methodologies in various product development and project management areas – combined with thorough understanding of industry-specific challenges and knowledge of digital tools. Our expertise makes your development processes more efficient and predictable – fast and permanently.

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