“The best thing in the event was the mix of customer presentations, application roadmaps and the feel of having a nice culture/discussion within the event!”

“Opportunities lie ahead! As expected the Polarion tool leaves room for the imagination!”

Product development is becoming increasingly complex


As products are becoming increasingly complex and teams are growing, the art of streamlining and simplifying complexity is a priority for many companies. Polarion Days is a unique opportunity for people who work with products, to share their experiences and inspire each other. We are so happy that this year almost a hundred participants took the opportunity to gather and meet in person, after a long break in face to face events!

Highlights from Polarion days

On the first day of Polarion Days, we heard many customer cases from different industries, with one thing in common – working in a controlled way in a highly regulated industry.

We also learned a lot about the future plans for Polarion.

See all the presentations here

News from Polarion


The latest update to Polarion (22R1) focuses on agile systems engineering. Improvements in integrations with other applications make it easier to work seamlessly across different tools.

As with all product development, customer feedback is important and Polarion product management is listening to it very closely. The new release once again includes many features requested by the customers.

Thank you Zdenek Fiedler & Radek Krotil from Siemens for sharing us the future of Polarion!

Siemens Presentation Materials

The new Automotive standard for Cybersecurity and TARA (Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis)


Ola Larses, Lead Consultant at Taipuva, talked about the importance of understanding risks by analyzing product safety scenarios. With the new ISO/SAE 21434 standard for the automotive industry, it is necessary to have a system for managing cybersecurity and to find potential risks throughout the product lifecycle. TARA is just the process for this and very important when analyzing risks of cyberattacks.

The new ISO standard and TARA Materials

Developing safety critical sensors


Murata Electronics is a global leader in Designing and manufacturing safety critical sensors for automotive, industrial and medical applications. Kimmo Törmälehto, a Lead Engineer in various high end projects, told the participants about managing customer communication and information like product data sheets, requirements and test specification & results in compliance with all the regulations and standards of the afore mentioned industries.

See the full presentation here!

Working with variants

Envirotainer operates in two industries that are heavily regulated: the aerospace industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Dan Mattsson, Head of Technical Product Management at Envirotainer, shared his experiences about Polarion and how they used the system to work with product variants and complicated projects. His best of many tips was to limit the number of variants as much as possible. See the full presentation here!

Taipuva helps you improve your ways of working

The purpose of Polarion Days is to give people working in complex projects or product development experiences from other industries with similar challenges and share your ideas how to turn complexity and regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage.

We at Taipuva want to be your partner and support you in developing your ability to work in a controlled, structured and efficient way. Our vision is to make it easier for you and your organization to work smarter, not harder. With the help of our smart methods and tools, you can streamline your R&D processes in a way that saves both time and cost – so you can deliver better products in less time.

Thanks for all participants & speakers for interesting topics, conversations and insights. See you all next year! Meanwhile, take a cup of coffee and enjoy this years event after movie below.

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