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Highlights from Taipuva Polarion Days 2023 

Marina Omer & Dr Arsham Mazaheri’s talked about change management and how the Trafikförvaltningen started its journey to create a common process for managing traceability in a complex and large organization. Trafikförvaltningen consists mainly of external consultants from various industries who must collaborate effectively. Therefore, it was essential that no information was lost at any step.

The solution was customized changes using change requirement templates, and user permissions at various stages based on their role and CR status. The best advice is to define your “why” and create a workflow, start simple, and then add along the way.

Dan Holm talked about his role as an admin in Polarion and how he helps Polarion users at DeLaval. As a user of Polarion, you must have access to information quickly, and a customized homepage can provide users with direct access to the right information. By structuring information this way, new users can more easily understand what they need to do.

Permissions and roles can quickly become complicated, which is why they use global role designations that simplify the categorisation of roles and permissions. Dan monitors active users and failed login attempts, which provide valuable information to manage a good balance of licenses.

Scania produces a truck every three minutes. Patric Fransson discussed the Test Assignment (TA), an IT application that supports cross-functional case management in Scania R&D (TRATON). Scania’s goal was to implement the TA to achieve practical management of information sharing and visualization of work and process. Many teams are involved, so TA is essential. Now, all departments have a common way of communicating and working, a foundation for teams to work agile and across borders.

Dr. Jad El-khoury presented Lynxwork, a startup founded on the idea of linking data instead of copying it. If you link to the source, you always get the right and updated information. With the Lynx Designer solution, architects and application owners can manage information across all applications and auto-generate the necessary connectors to link data. Lynxwork helps people collaborate more efficiently.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has just validated Polarion for their medical quality management system. The Medtech industry is a highly regulated sector. Johan Haltia from Thermo Fisher Scientific talked about how they use Polarion to validate Polarion, manage risks and perform tests. The lessons learned from this process were identifying implementation gaps in advance to correct them on time.

AI (artificial intelligence) is making it much faster to respond to invitations to tender (ITT, or requests for proposal, RFQ) as well as to determine compliance to regulations. Dr Bernt Andrassy from DRIMCo showed how AI automates requirement analysis and enables reuse of previous corporate-wide knowledge. Without AI’s assistance a tender process can easily become an inferno of emails, PDFs, and costly manual handling of deviation lists. DRIM platform and Polarion facilitate change handling and collaboration.

Thanks to DRIM AI, you can analyze PDFs and all sorts of information in them – even pictures. When the information broken down to pieces and automatically evaluated, it is much easier for human experts to focus on the nontrivial requirements. The whole analysis done by DRIM can be synced to Polarion, and therefore the full control of compliance can be established.

Tim Ströbele from Siemens Digital Industry Software Germany talked about the advantages of a System of Systems, and how to structure and manage it. You get flexibility and can make changes in parallel projects, it creates resilience and if an old system fails, a subsystem can take over.

News in Polarion

Polarion continues to develop and improve based on the user feedback. Among other things, the navigation header has been developed to better fit users, Smart Title Header clarifies where the user is in Polarion and provides awareness of context. Another news is that the PDF functionality has improved and increased readability, there is also the possibility to produce better-looking PDF documents thanks to customized scripted pages.

Zdenek Fiedler, Manager of Product Management of Siemens Digital Industry Software presented conference audience a great look on long-term strategic outlook of Polarion, its positioning and Siemens vision how Polarion helps to address current and future business challenges in various engineering domains.

Radek Krotil, Senior Polarion Technical Product Manager from Siemens Digital Industry Software provided deep insights into the latest Polarion features, usability improvements and performance optimizations. Revealing hidden treasures and leveraging your ability to get the most out of your Polarion solution.

Taipuva helps you find a structured way of working

The purpose of Taipuva Polarion Days is for everyone facing challenges in complex projects to receive support and inspiration from other industries, a forum for superusers of Polarion. Now more than ever, it is important to gain a competitive advantage by being prepared for all the legal and regulatory requirements that will affect more and more industries in the future.

At Taipuva we want to make it easier for you and your organization to work smarter, not harder. With the help of our methods and tools, you can streamline your R&D processes in a way that saves both time and cost – which enables you to deliver better products in a shorter amount of time.

Big Thank You for everyone making this years event possible, hope to see you in our future events!


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